The Beginning...

One of the main questions I receive when I meet with a new client is, "What made you want to learn how to sew?" I feel people are surprised when I answer this because people assume that growing up I always wanted to be a fashion designer (I mean, every little girl wanted to be Raven Baxter if we're being honest).

However, the truth is I wanted to buy a tube dress from Misguided and the price was around $30. When I saw the price, a thought came to my head to search on Youtube "how to make a tube dress." I had a sewing machine when I was 11, but I couldn't really get into it, so I quit and gave away my machine. Nevertheless, I watched 3-4 videos on how to make a tube dress and the concept seemed simple. I bought some fabric but I did not own a sewing machine.

Thankfully, Ms. Keesha and Aunt Urse (very great seamstresses and like family) were willing to help me create three tube dresses as well as teach me the basics of sewing. This was on June 19th, 2019. 

A little after, I bought a Singer heavy-duty sewing machine. Sewing became therapeutic and there is something about being able to create and wear my designs that bring my confidence to an all-time high. My goal is that everyone who wears my pieces will feel the confidence of wearing a fresh first day of school fit.